Two Sheep In A Pool

Episodes 31-40

#38 Parachute Prices & 90's Kids Toys

4th July, 2019

This week we have a book club discussion, talk about the price of parachutes and then talk about every 90’s kids craze going, and have a good old nostalgia fest.

#37 Biting Forks & Would You Rather?

27th June, 2019

This week, James shoots a gun and takes issue with naked men in the gym. James calls out marvel for being money grabbers and then we get into asking some tricky would rather questions.


#36 Bono Steals Milk & Dreams

20th June, 2019

This week, we get angry about driving, James gets on his high horse over politics and then we count some sheep and head to the land of nod to discuss dreams. 


#35 Coffee & Black Mirror

13th June, 2019

This week, we move into a new recording space, James experiences a break in, we read lots of twitter and then discuss season 5 of Black Mirror.

#34 Carpets & Cheese

6th June, 2019

This week it’s international cheese day! Ben get’s some new carpets, and has a very weird encounter, James enjoys some scones, then we both talk about everything cheese related.

#33 Birthdays & Sports

29th May, 2019

This episode, Ben has a birthday and has a love hate relationship with paint. James happens upon a fish on his way to work. We finally get around to talking about Game Of Thrones final season. Then we talk a bit about some sports, not any sports in particular really, just a bit about some sports. 

#32 More Tea Bags & Moving House

23rd May, 2019

This episode: We discuss how to put a seatbelt on, how annoying petitions are, is the Eurovision a joke? Fake news or not has an overhaul, we mis-hear some lyrics and then talk about moving house. 

#31 Acupuncture & Quiz Part Two

16th May, 2019

Ben gets some Acupuncture, James hates smoking, Jeremy Kyle gets cancelled?! And, we continue to test our knowledge in what seems like the worlds longest quiz… Thankfully we get to the end of it this episode!

The Quiz: