Two Sheep In A Pool

Episodes 1-10

Episode 10: Rocky & Creed

6th December, 2018

Celebrating our 10th episode! A Christmas complaint, James drinks dirt, Ben finds a magic ring, naked Oreo running, Mr. Fuckin’ T, Adriaaaaaan and a very square man. This week, we’re reviewing everything Rocky. (Spoiler Alert!)

Episode 9: Breakfast & Traveling

29th November, 2018

Are memes soon to be illegal? Ben deals with an angry car man, Is black Friday a load of rubbish? English weather is meh… and is it time for breakfasteseses? This week, we’re talking traveling.

Episode 8: Jude Law & A Niffler

22nd November, 2018

Stan ‘The Man’ Lee, illegal socks, fartgate, Jude law, Nifflers and did Grindelwald actually commit any crimes? This week, we’re reviewing Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. (Spoiler Alert!)

Episode 7: Milk & Time Travel

15th November, 2018

We send a werewolf to the moon, tackle more fake news, hurt our heads over paradoxes, try and kill hitler and James gets caught up in a milk fiasco. This week, we’re talking time travel.

Episode 6: Spanish Nuns & Conspiracies

8th November, 2018

James worries he’s going to become a southerner, Ben is attacked by wolves, fake news it tackled, what are smelly sensors and have we found Atlantis? But above all is the earth flat? This week, we’re talking conspiracies.

Episode 5: A Bald Man & Zombies

1st November, 2018

Prince William marries a bald man, Justin Bieber eats a burrito, getting egged, is Venom any good? And, how to survive the apocalypse. This week, we’re talking zombies. 

Episode 4: Grandmas Cookies & Alcohol

26th October, 2018

Whisky, Whiskey? Doctor who, ASMR, vomit in taxi’s, day drinking and what’s in grandmas cookies? This week, we’re talking alcohol.

Episode 3: Licking Hands & Music

19th October, 2018

Liam Neeson and his love affair with a horse, awful nicknames, terrible artists and does James actually like any songs? This week, we’re talking music.

Episode 2: Dub Dub Dubs & Jobs

11th October, 2018

Giants, washing dishes for money, dealing with awful people, Channing Tatum and people stealing food. But… most importantly what is a quesillydiddly? This week, we’re talking jobs.

Episode 1: Bean People & Gaming

5th October, 2018

Food allergies, the top 5 games of all time, who are the mysterious bean people… And why can’t EA studios do anything right? This week, we’re talking Gaming.