Two Sheep In A Pool

Episodes 11-20

Episode 20: Shmoopie & Valentines Day

14th February, 2019

Youtube bans conspiracy theories, Ben infiltrates the illuminati, James’ new name is Schmoopie. And, we finally find out what type of couple Ben & James are. This week, we’re talking Valentines Day!

Episode 19: One Star Reviews & Poop

6th February, 2019

Was the super bowl boring? We have a heated discussion about chocolate, James smashes a jug, a lack of zebras is found to be very disappointing and Ben does a dramatic reading about Gummi Bears. This week, we’re talking one star reviews.

Episode 18: Defrosting Mince & Bandersnatch

31st January, 2019

Are mini cheddar’s really heroin? A rogue digger causes a ruckus, James struggles with a ‘tong’ twister, the boys have an 80’s adventure and defrost some mince along the way. This week, we’re talking Bandersnatch. (Spoiler Alert!)

Episode 17: Spies & Spires

24th January, 2019

Is Donald Trump a time traveler? An egg is more popular than the Kardashians, what’s the best Bond movie? Could Ben & James kill someone & also would they make good spies? This week, we’re talking espionage. 

Episode 16: Conspiracies Part Two! & Hitler Dolphin

17th January, 2019

Back by popular demand is the second installment in Two Sheep’s dive down the conspiracy rabbit hole. Does Finland exist? Was Hitler actually a dolphin? Is Denver Airport the most evil place on earth? And is CERN really trying to destroy the planet? This week, we’re talking conspiracies!

Episode 15: Tangents & Space Stuff

10th January, 2019

Google mess up! Is ‘A Star Is Born’ a musical? Ben has a lazy post man, are vegan sausages rolls any good? And who will be the first native Martian? This week, we’re talking about space stuff (and go on a lot of tangents…)

Episode 14: 2018 Awards & Review

31st December, 2018

New Years Special! Looking for the definitive guide to 2018? Look no further, it’s here. We’ve got awards for the best and worst of all the important things, James gets a disappointing Christmas gift and the ongoing drone saga continues… This week, we’re talking 2018.

Episode 13: Gift Giving Guide & The Christmas Chronicles

24th December, 2018

Christmas Extravaganza! Pitbull destroys an all time classic song, Home Alone makes some breaking news, we make the definitive guide to gift giving, Kurt Russell has an 80% incredible beard and how old is too old for advent calendars? This week, we review The Christmas Chronicles. (Spoiler Alert!)

Episode 12: Susan Boyle-Butler & Home Alone

20th December, 2018

Ben’s balcony mystery, apparently Brexit the movie is a real thing, celebrity couple gossip, negligent parents, Susan Boyle & Gerard Butler have a child together, Kevin is a smarmy git and Donald Trump sadly makes an appearance… This week, we’re talking Home Alone 1 & 2! (Spoiler Alert!)

Episode 11: John The Chip Man & Die Hard

13th December, 2018

More Christmas complaints, YouTube makes an oopsie, is it the Endgame for The Avengers? Who is John the chip man? 80’s hair is so voluptuous and how many prequels is too many? This week, we’re reviewing Die Hard. (Spoiler Alert!)