Two Sheep In A Pool

Episodes 21-30

#30 Geese & General Knowledge

9th May, 2019

This week we receive a glowing review. We have a discussion about some geese, James has some strong feelings towards foamy shower gel. Then, we find out exactly how dumb we are by taking a general knowledge quiz. 

Play along with the quiz:

#29 Marvel & Endgame

25th April, 2019

This week we’re talking everything Marvel. We talk our thoughts and predictions going into the film as well as all the movies in the MCU so far and finish off with our thoughts straight after watching at 3AM. (Spoilers for all the MCU. Especially endgame, timecodes below)

#28 Licking Doorbells & A Florida Man

18th April, 2019

This episode we try to find out exactly what goes on in Florida. From a man armed with an alligator looking for beer, to a man leading a turtle army, we take a look at the strangest news headlines from Florida.

#27 Cramping & Technology

11th April, 2019

Lots of cramping… Would we fight to the death for money? Is social media bad? Out of the two of us who spends the most time on their phone? And, we discuss the etiquette of using a phone in public. This week, we’re talking about technology.

#26 eBay Bidding & Superpowers

4th April, 2019

We have a heated debate about bidding on eBay. James get’s bothered by a tea bag. TGI’s comes under fire for fake potatoes. Find out which is best: Flying, being invisible, living forever, farting on demand or time travel? This week, we’re talking about Superpowers.

#25 Toast & Madeleine McCann

28th March, 2019

This episode: The two sheep actually find themselves in a pool. We discover how to correctly cut toast. Is one singular sheep a shoop? We have a run in with a bird and discuss Netflix’s new documentary. This week, were talking about Netflix’s ‘The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann.’

#24 Wool, Wood & Being Self Employed

21st March, 2019

James gets beaten up, loses a flamingo and takes issue with JK Rowling after we discover that wizards poop in the street. We review ‘After Life,’ Brexit & ‘Steal the Stars.’ And then decide whether being your own boss is any good. This week, we’re talking about being self employed. 

#23 Custard & Lawsuits

14th March, 2019

James finds a flamingo, Ben encounters a moron, the internet has a birthday, is Captain Marvel any good? Can you get sued over baking cookies? And, we discuss an incident involving custard. This week, we’re talking ridiculous lawsuits.

Episode 22: Cutlery & Shrek (Retold)

7th March, 2019

Ben has some vibrating cutlery, James can’t say cutlery. We talk about getting spanked on a unicycle. Does Steven Spielberg hate Netflix? Then we talk about an ogre for a bit. This week, we’re talking Shrek (Retold)

Episode 21: Toilet Seats & Interesting People

28th February, 2018

James talks about toilet seats and has some sad news. Oppy says goodbye to the world. We very accurately predict at least two categories from the Oscars. Then, we find out who the most interesting person (or bear) in the world is. This week we’re talking very interesting people.